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My best advice is run parsers and use logs. Discuss them at the end of the raid or the next time everyone's on. If it's an issue of selective deafness, then do the debriefs at the end of every failed pull. "Ok what went wrong here? Oh, so-and-so wiped again? Oh whosit is not only dead last in DPS but also 20% behind third? Again?' But do it nicely.

Another thing that helps is having lots of 'fun runs'. Asation SM in particular is a blast to run. Our guild runs it 1-2 times a week depending on if we get a 16 together or two 8s. Low key, low pressure runs in which weaker players CAN be carried. I've even been known to respec into a kolto bomb/grav round hybrid to help shore up a weak healer just so we could include them. By doing a lot of these, people are being included more than excluded.

A corollary to this is be aware of how many people you can carry and in which positions. A 'fun run' can turn into an OMG rage quit if you try to carry two DPS circumstances, or a healer or a tank. And at other times its manageable.

Mentor systems help a lot too. Sometimes you get someone with amazing raid awareness but difficulty putting out DPS. Find them someone you know in guild our outside who'll help em out. Sometimes it's the opposite. That's what fun runs are for, when it's relaxed enough you can coach while not wiping. In addition, some gentle nudging into re-roll and/or respec can be helpful. As a gunnery commando it pains me to admit this, but people who can't handle complex rotations can do serviceable work in simpler ACs.

Recognize the difference between skill level and experience. When I started raiding I was pretty pathetic. Given that SWTOR was my first real video game, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Nowadays, I'm our top DPS, one of our raid tanks, and on the call-list for a couple of other guilds for both tanking and DPS. Thank god no one wrote me off. So it was a real kick in the face to my self-image when I realized I'd wrongly done that with someone in my guild. Yeah they were rough, really rough, poor raid awareness, inability to follow mechanics, and poor DPS. Fast forward two months later, and they're now a perfectly competent member of the guild.

Finally, I'm going to echo the person above me who said that whatever it is, handle it quickly. Things can fester and get ugly if left unhandled for long periods of time.