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Again, yet another correct response. Augments should be all WP, my armoury will be updated to fit that banner.
The crit - power ratio on WP overwhelms pure power stacking. (Augments)
Is this true for the classes that lack a skilled main stat multiplier?

I've min/max'd a jugg, PT, sniper and oper. All of which include a 6% or 9% main stat multiplier. My shadow hit 50 this weekend. I've already started min/maxing (gotta love legacy gear hand outs!). So far power augments are winning out (for me). A well geared shadow has relatively high WP already, the returns for 252 extra WP doesn't seem to scale as well as 252 power. Now if shadow had a main stat multiplier of 9% that would change things quite a bit. It would even add a noticeable amount of crit.
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