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Randomly when fighting The Thing from the Stars, or final stage of SOA, the boss will vanish-cannot target. What's going on? While the boss is not visible to me I am not able to target it even by looking for the target of target of the main tank. With The Thing from the Stars after fight is complete and Nightmare Pilgrim is dead you loot from the Pilgrim. But with SOA fight I am unable to loot SOA for commendations following completion of the fight. I determined to loot the boss I must exit the operation then re-enter it. After re-entering I can see the dead boss and loot it successfully. Another interesting fact with the The Thing from the Stars, during our encounter with this boss we died three times. The first time I was able to see the boss throughout the fight down to 12% when we died. The second time it vanished at only 90% and I had to swap and tank the Pilgrim. The third time I was able to tank the boss to death with no visibility issue at all. I've reported this issue multiple times over the past 8 months using in game support tickets. Always they have closed the ticket saying they cannot help with anything other than class missions. I really don't understand that response at all. I've also reported it as a bug but they close that ticket too saying it can't be tracked once submitted. So, it's still unresolved and I know other folks who have this same problem.

Additional information:
1. I pretty much run the repair just for kicks every time I have some sort of issue. It doesn't really take long and support has advised me to do that on other occasions. So I just do it. But it has never resolved any issue I reported to support.

2. SOA phase is on the ground in last phase. I see him before he drops but as he drops he vanishes. It doesn't always do this, just from time to time.

3. The Thing from the Stars fight. The next time this happens I will try the AOE thing to see if it causes it to re-appear.

4. Using target of target on another player does not work if the boss has vanished. Basically the target of target window will not display at all, even when focused or clicked on another player who is actually in combat with it.