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i agree with most that is said here, it should be up to the individual group to decide how they want to approach the raid. It should not be dictatated by the company.

I would like to make one caveat to that though, Many of you who haven't lvl'd toons lately probably aren't aware of how difficult it is to get groups for story mode FP's. It's to the point that besides, esseles/blacktalon, athis, and hammer station i don't even bother trying to queue up for the non HM FP's. Often times when i'm doing an FP for the first time it's the HM and not the story mode. I'd like to be able to watch the cinematics without being harrased. I do however declare my intentions right at the begining
The last 3 toons that I've leveled (last 3-4 months) have been leveled with a mix of class/main planet quest only and Flash Points. My current toon is at 39 and I've done everysingle FP that appears in GF and depending on when I log on in the evening, I get to do 2 (sometimes 3) FPs per play session (as a DPS). This is true for both Empire and Republic sides (latest is a Sage, previous 2 were a Juggernaut and a Mercenary).

I'm on The Red Eclipse (EU) server. Maybe it is a problem on your server.
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