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That kind of made me lol. Don't forget mid bosses can drop exotech gear which in some cases is a little superior to tionese, I wore exotech medics legs until I was able to get the columi. I've had some groups where people could really really use that gear..I did a battle of illum last night with a guy that got 50 the previous night but he was wearing 50 modded oranges with level 49 mods in them so he had under 12k health...he didnt know about the free tionese or even the free recruit gear, so my group offered to kill the mid bosses to try and get him some gear.
do a SM EV you are almost full a HM you are in SM TFB get rakata with maybe a BH piece. HM Fps too only need the bosses that drop the columi most of the BoI bosses dont drop that only the final boss drops the OH.