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noxic is crap, it says the same stat layout for every class..

The Sin tree is broken still (deception tree especially). I've already ranted on many other threads about it - needless to say, we have no accuracy talent, no mainstat talent, no crit talent unless you spec madness for that huge 3 percent. Thus, we are the hardest class to itemize.

After spending a billion credits swapping mods around and testing on the ops dummy, i now just run at 106/96 accuracy for both madness and deception. Voltiac slash / thrash may be dodged sometimes, but when we are on the boss or w/e we are attacking every second (nothing is channelled). Maul may be dodged sometimes, but the proc stays up. Dropping accuracy enhancments allows to actually push our force damage above 1000, which would otherwise be pretty much impossible if you stick at 110/100 accuracy with a reasonable crit rating.

Currently I have around 1044 force power, 106/96 accuracy with 35 crit rating, and I am a beast dps in both spec's
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