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I still can't fathom why is OP so hurt by the /ignore he felt the need to share and sooth his troubles. Getting ignored is not the end of the world. Hell, I even encourage people to ignore me and ignore them myself in order to spare myself of their breaking cc, aggroing everything and other PuG festivities.

What I don't get is people not kicking a person that asks them to vote kick.

You know your right I'm still trying to figure out why I even posted this , I'm Not really hurt it was more of LOL to me .Time to let it go and move on , which I should have done anyway .. not like I haven't been iqnored before not
it's gonna the last time ... and in others games I have done the same as you flat told them good iqnore me that way I wouldn't have to iqnore them my self .. it was just funly and this was a bad idea on my part ...