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I actually have one of each enjoy them both. The game play is very different between the two and I would recommend trying both if you have the time and character slots. Once you get to level 25 or so, you'll have the feel for the game play of each.

If you want the option of healing, you're going to have to pick sage. Likewise, you'll have to pick shadow if you want to tank. Both are very good in those roles.

Sages are great at raid healing with salvation and good enough at single target with healing trance and quickened deliverance. All healing classes have to deal with resource management, but sage is by far the class where you have to active about it. Sages have to actively use noble sacrifice to manage their force and this can be a tricky feat for certain boss fights in this game. Strangely, the fights where you have the hardest time finding a GCD and personal health to use noble sacrifice are the fights where a sage healer is most valued. The dread guard bosses in the TFB is like this. Almost every operation group wants at least one sage healer.

Shadow tanking is fun and dynamic. You have two high threat, instant, near self AOE abilities that make grabbing mob aggro a breeze. You get a mid range stun, a melee stun, and a mid range interrupt. You'll want to keep in melee range most cases, but a good portion of your abilities work just as well from mid range. This gives you a lot of flexibility in mobile situations. We get great cool downs, but need to use them to make up for lower base survivability compared to other tanks. The mix of light saber and force attacks makes this a fun class.

Neither AC is amazing at PvE dps, but both are viable and useful in a group. Sage dps is more static as you pretty much just keep yourself at range casting spells. Shadow DPS is like tanking in that you run around near melee range doing a mix of melee and force attacks. Against a target dummy, you're going to parse lower than a decent sentinel with both ACs. You'll find, however, that your total damage applied to a boss from an operations parse keeps up or beats sentinels for many bosses due to the mobility mechanics of the fight.