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yeah it seems like 16m raiding is dying off in this game because there is no real incentive to do 16m over 8m. I wish bioware would wise up to this and make 16m more prestigous by offering better loot drops instead of more loot. Give 16m slightly better loot than the 8m and add in unique mounts and titles for 16m nightmares and I bet we would see a revival of 16m raiding groups.
I agree wholeheartedly, placing more focus and incentivisizing 16 man raids would dramatically lengthen the player attention span in terms of PVE in this game, but my gut feeling tells me part of the reason why this is not being done is because of the additional fps issues most below average rigs experience in 16 mans -- Heroengine kind of fails whenever you clunk up more than 10 people around in an area.
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