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Even a human being can not act different than its programing. Everyone may think that they have free-will and do what ever they want but this is not correct. You have boundaries that were set by nature, birth and other people.
While I see where you're coming from with this, I'd have to disagree. Humans aren't "programmed". Our environment and the people around me can influence me, but I can still do (or at least attempt to do) whatever I choose. I had a wonderful childhood and I'm a pretty happy person. But I could kill someone. Obviously I don't want to as my prior experiences have led me to believe that it would be wrong to do so. But I could do it anyway. That's free will.

We're conditioned more than programmed. And no matter how much you condition a human to believe something or act a certain way, they can always refuse - a computer can't. That's free will.