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01.14.2013 , 09:53 AM | #12
people skip because they just want their bh comms for the daily. Most people dont need the gear from hm fps anymore since bioware made it so easy to get gear. Battle of Ilum is terribly long if you kill every single boss in there or dont sap skip trash. The difference is up to 30-40 mins. I would personally rather do a quick 10-15 min battle of ilum instead of dragging along a group of rookies for an hour. A week ago this happened and I got kicked from the group after skipping the first 2 bosses...I rejoined queued and got in a fresh group that wanted to skip like me and ended up completing that run before my previous group even got halfway through. In fact that original group ended up in a wipefest that never completed the run after I left. In short only bad players don't want to skip.