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Seriously. I've had MERCS calling me useless, and bad because I played DECEPTION spec. Seriously what happened to pvp yesterday? It seems like everyone has had their asses kicked by assassins recently, and they think because they don't use the spec with a pull they don't contribute?. I will not play that spec just because it's huttball, It's weak anyway (Can't even get pulls since bads always fully resolve them before the goal.. Jeez.) and I get blamed for everything, because I'm a deception assassin? I hate these 1337tists, I DONT CARE ABOUT WINNING ITS A GAME FFS I PLAY FOR FUN.. This just makes me /facepalm. /end rant
Its a good build for certain roles, but its not a great team build. It has burst and in a burst dependent game that is good. Hopefully you run it with death field. Its good to stealth nodes or hold doors and you can solo kill many operative healers. Its bad at huttball, but against smash heavy teams you can take the smash hits. Its just not as good at dps as a marauder. I think its fun and run it in pugs. Who wouldn't rather have an AOE crit hitting, leaping marauder with near invincible escape mode over a single target dps assassin?

The assassin class in pvp is used as a support role. With a pull, guard, and solid dps everyone wants you to run the tank spec and its instant cast whirlwind. I enjoy deception just to burst, but honestly the tank spec is better for group pvp.

From my play tanksin is much more group friendly
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