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The Sky Wardens are in the process of re visiting Ranked War Zones and are looking for groups to queue against. We have gone from decent PVPers to crap to mediocre and have only several geared players to do ranked with. In smaller groups we do rather well in regular wz's but need improvement when working as a full group of 8. What I can say is that we are dedicated to improving and would like to set up times to run against other newer guilds that would like to accomplish the same goals. We run PVP on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with no ranked schedule at the moment.

If there are guilds out there that are in the same situation and hate being pwned by guilds that have been built on being the best pvp guild out there let me know either on here, private message or in game and we can set up some ranked skirmishes to help our guilds become better organized and build upon effective communication. I will say that this is more pointed towards the imps as I know there are teams out there but don't queue because of the numerous republic groups that have to win every time.

Not trying to stir the pot but I hate getting whispers from guilds that know they can beat us in ranked spamming us to queue....sorry not going to happen. Period Stop the End.
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