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Can you just clarify that you already got a Chiss to 50 or are willing to buy the species unlock so you can get it as a Shadow?

Storywise they are both the same really, you do not have any other options based on your AC. The story itself is not brilliant, chapter 1 is pretty much a rip off from KOTOR 2 and after that it's just politics. I would also say that Obi-Wan was always portrayed more as a Knight and Yoda maybe closer to a Sage, there is really no comparison to a Shadow though (apart from Darth Maul). I don't see story as being a reason to choose an AC.

It really is a question of what role you want to be: RDPS, MDPS, heal or tank. One caveat though, Sages are generally harder to play in PvP and have a hard time hitting the DPS of Shadows, but TOR generally prefers MDPS. Obviously the reason for this is that they need to move to their targets so they would be losing DPS in transitions which RDPS do not.

Also any raid leaders which dismiss you based on your class are bad raid leaders. There are many progression guilds with Sage and Scoundrel DPS that are generally dismissed as being too weak. Every class is capable of raiding provided they are played well.
I have a high level Chiss sniper, so yes

Though I am by no means a huge WoW fan, one of my favorite classes, gameplay wise was the Enhancement Shaman, which for those of you who haven't played that class it is somewhat like a battlemage - using melee attacking mixed with short ranged magical attacks - this seems like the Shadow to me. The main difference being Shamans wore medium armor and cannot stealth, so a little trade off there.

I enjoy getting in the mix up close and personal. I'm leaning towards shadow now.