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So I just finished reading Revan last night and having played the jk story a year ago and also the sw ones a little later I know that the jk only killed the voice of the emperor. That means so far Scourge's vision that lead him to betray Revan and the Exile was wrong. And I wonder if the emperor influenced Scourge witth wrong visions just like Palpatine did with Vader....

Or do you think the emperor will become an ops boss and his vision might be true in the end?

So far I only believe Scourge was the puppet of the emperor and the vision he had was the emperor controlling his mind to bring him Revan. He might have sensed that there's a powerful Jedi 300 years in the future and shared his face with Scourge to stage his death and plot further after having atttacked the Republic to catch them off guard.
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