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this prolly will be over looked here, I'm ok with that to , but there is two sides ,. to the run HM thing, others need to have respect not should ,I have as I do , even if some don't see this as respect,it is .. I really dpn't want to help any one gear up unless there in my guild or thu raiding, no one ever helped me and if wanted to run a full run I would ask before we started when I was gearing up .. and if they didn't want to I was ok with that ..
, I just want to get the daily Hm done for the Day for the BH comms ... SO I can level up ats or get my other 50 s daily HM etc and pvp dailys done ..

SO PLEASE have RESPECT for others , even if you think were NOT, we are in most cases, if we leave,..... some wont say anything , will just leave,may be I should start dcing to ...
Up to this point I thought you were perfectly fine, but not wanting to help someone gear up is just douchelike.
There is the point, where you have to respect the others.
waiting for ...