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Every patch, i'll just check your account first, as you seem to get all of the bugs. You also may received a "you are now preferred status" mail, if so you can ignore it.

Okay, let's try fix this.

The rename flags aren't showing as consumed for the characters you mention. Please try restarting your client and check if you're still prompted to change names. If so, please take the steps below. If not, please state so here.

Rename your Shadow to a holding name, and then your Guardian to Arcaedius. Then see if you're re-prompted to swap the Shadow, at which point, change them back to Ethorius.

Then post again and let us know, or let us know if there's any problem.
Edit: yes, as per your post, start doing this and progress as much as you can before you're stopped.
Well, Ethorus has stuck with the assassin i got restored and i cannot change it. I Renamed my Shadow to Altairus. Logged into the game, all was well, I then re started the game and then i was promted to Rename my Shadow again. Seems i have that bug when every time i log in i get prompted to rename that toon i got restored. but its happening only to my shadow, Not the assassin i got restored.

So to summerise: 1. i got my Shadow and assassin restored. (yay )
2. I renamed them, but had an issue activating them. so i restarted the game.
3. Upon entering the character screen Both of them where activated. BUT their names had swapped.
(Ethorus, my Shadow Swapped its name with my assassin Arcaedius.)
4. The assassins name is 'fine' albeit the wrong one, However my Shadow keeps prompting me to
Change it every time i log into the game.