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What you choose to do, do it immediately! When I was guild leader / raid leader in LOTRO we had this problem but we took the "fair" approach and just rotated everyone in to raids regardless of skill level. As a result, we got stuck on a boss at some point and couldn't progress because we'd always have 1 or 2 "bad" players who'd wipe us. As a result, the good raiders quit the guild due to lack of progress, my friends quit because raiding was no longer fun and the bad players quit because they were dying all the time and expected to be carried.

So, bad players can destroy a raiding guild if you dont handle them. Even being a dick and just booting them is going to be better, long term, for the guild than doing nothing.

What we ended up doing im my guild after we'd rebuilt it is start a "core raid list" as well as an "improvers list". You would make the core list if:

1) You are a fast learner
2) You can play your class very well
3) You meet minimum gear requirements

Everybody else would be put on the improvers list. The officers would keep track of suggestions for improvements for all raiders (core and non-core), for example suggestions on gear improvements, rotation, specific boss fights etc. Officers would offer training to all members.

For progression raids, raiders on the core list would get priority. We also specifically run training / gearing raids for the non-core raiders. A raid is considered progression if we haven't cleared it 3 times. After 3 times it is considered "on farm" and we stop worrying about peoples ability to learn and just try to get everyone through the raid. It is much easier to carry people / train people once the top raiders have cleared a boss.

Whilst our system is not perfect, it provides everyone with a clear understanding of where they stand in the guild, what they need to improve, who to ask etc. It got rid of all the entitlement players who expected to be on the core list but didn't make it because they aren't very good. Most people on our improvers list will never make the core list because they just aren't motivated to, but every now and again one of them decides to progress and will act upon our suggestions. I wish we could be more inclusive of people but some people *are* stupid / lazy / nooby / whatever and are simply not capable of clearing the hardest content in game.
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