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Droids are tools. Nothing more. C-3PO and R2-D2, while they had personality, are still just droids. If my droid is destroyed, I would be as heart broken as I would if I lost my computer. Each time I wipe my hard drive or install new components, I miss certain things about my old rig or its setup. For a while. Then as my new one takes on its own quirks and mannerisms, I stop missing my old one.

As for an analogy to slavery, not quite. Anthropomorphising them doesn't make them human. We just think they are since some share a similarity to humanoids. Even those droids who do not share a similarity to humanoids, it's still making them out to be something they are not.

If you want to follow that line of thought, wouldn't that make pet ownership slavery? We have bomb sniffing dogs, mine detecting dolphins and seals (yea, the animal, not Navy SEALs), war horses, war elephants, anti-tank dogs, war pigeons, incendiary bats, and just about any military pack animal. In some cases they are dangerous, in others they outright kill the animal to achieve the mission. No one seems to ask, "Hey Fido, do you mind if we stap this bomb to your back? All you have to do is run under that tank over there. Good boy."
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