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huh really do you know what respect is ? Please tell me your thought on respect I' l bet your the they type that wants to control the group and tell them how what way to kill the some thing, I also bet your way it the only way to . ::::::::!!!!!))))).. This post was not what I wanted I wanted to point out , that they need to fix how GF works or fix how HMFP are Il be honest IF there was no way to do speed runs I would not be here talking this kind of abuse .. but then again in the eyes of you all I'm the abuser wish you all could get to know me but you can't so until you all get to know someone like me you don't know )) anyway that said I Respect fully ask if
a site admin would ether lock this post or delete it ,,, I am very sorry I made , it gave a negative effect I did not intend...
Making false accusations I see. So I don't agree with you, so you try to fling mud around, heh. Like I thought you don't treat people with respect, so why would they do so towards you.

It's a common thing for people to rush, personally I'm not a fan of the people that are in a big hurry; though I like to skip trash we don't need to fight. That being said when I do feel like doing a full run, I don't use the group finder, I just LFG in the chat window for people or ask guildies.

What you did was waste people's time, so yes adding you to ignore is a perfect way to avoid having you grief them again. Unintentional it may be on your part, though your actions still caused them an annoyance.
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