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So, here's my Satele rant. Please explain if you can cause I'm truly confused.

Why is Satele so much older looking as a character than from the Splash Scree, which depicts Coru burning?

I asked this question in Guild and was informed that 'we' are playing 60yrs after the Sacking. I counter with if this is true why is so much of Coru still under heavy construction (almost all buildings in the distance have cranes and scaffolding on them).

Furthermore, why are all the holo-transmissions of Satele "young".

And even more "***" is only just found here:

In 3,653 BBY, Shan was selected by the Jedi High Council to accompany Master Dar'Nala back to Alderaan, where peace negotiations were being held between delegations from the Republic and Empire.

Around 3,643 BBY, full-scale war was very nearly reignited between the Republic and Empire when rogue droids and a Mandalorian warrior began initiating conflicts between the two governments.
It can be assumed that the first quote is around the time of "Hope Trailer". And the second one around our time (+/-10yr).

Now I don't know about you all but in 'Hope', she looks to be about 25. So ten years later (see bolded dated) she would be in her early to mid 30s. And by our time possibly even 40.

Using today's logic, people in their 40s look extremely young compared to those who were 40 say 100yrs ago. So you extrapolate that into Star Wars and you should be able to assume that you'd look 30 well up into your 70s.

I also remember beta-Satele (coining this!)...if you want a refresher:
Time Index 0:24+

Her ingame model depicted the 'correct' "Body Age".

Anyone got any insight as to why the change in her appearance?

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