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I too don't see where all the dislike for the Consular story comes from, but like others have said it's just a matter of taste. I find plots that actually make me think and don't reveal everything up front far more engaging and involving.

The problem I have with how most people describe acts is they only hit the broad, general strokes of what you're doing, and don't seem to bother focusing on what specifically goes on on each planet, which I find is the far more interesting thing to focus on. Yes, in general terms on each planet you end up saving a Jedi Master from their "disease", but it's not like the same exact specific events happen on each planet.

Or how the JK act 1 is all about stopping the Sith from using super weapons. Each weapon on each planet is completely different. You aren't just going from planet to planet deactivating the same exact nuke. Also, each weapon is being held by a different one of Angral's Sith lieutenants, and each one is completely different in personality/fighting style.


I realize this is the Consular forum and I've talked more about the JK story but that's because I've only played a consular up to Nar Shaddaa whereas I've played a JK up to Hoth. My main point was it just irks me the broad strokes people give when discussing overall act plots. I realize it's probably to stay away from spoilers, but people go so far as to say that it makes an entire plotline boring/repetitive. Overall yes you end up doing relatively the same thing on each planet, but the specific events that happen on each planet are what I find more interesting.

So for the consular story so far I really enjoy it. I like the mystery behind it. I like how you know there's some malevolent force doing this to the Jedi but you don't know who exactly, as opposed to the JK where you find out who your first real antagonist is name and all by the end of Coruscant. The consular story feels very KOTOR 2 like.