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see, I've been saying that the entiiiire time that he doesn't seem to be 'all that straight', he is just the typical 'gentleman-farmboy' with a female smuggler and all 'bro bro' with the male one. and there are more than enough 'minor hints'. I feel with you, no doubt. it's making me all grrr and arrr that it's just not going to happen any time soon (outside my head, anyway)
I know, I know.

I'm thinking that Corso being all protective of girls is because of what happened with Rona, how he feels responsible for that even though he was still a child when she left.

I agree those hints are there and I'm really trying my best not to read into stuff too much. Even the little lines he utters when you accidentally click on him, some of them sound rather.... intimate.

I wish we could replay the dialogues. Some of them fly by and you're like "Wait... what? What did he just say?" and then it's over.

I have a good feeling about him. Now the waiting is a different matter.

My guess is it may take them another year to implement companion SGR options, given they're still working on them.

That's, you know... kinda tough.