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That men are stubborn and intractable, and incapable of change?

The way it is at the moment, with just Jaesa, is okay. I'd prefer her to be romaceable for both sides of the force, but if it's just her, the implication is that it is only she that is so malleable.

I was going to put a similar suggestion in my post, but I was in a hurry at the time. (Hmm, that's interesting. All the force using companions bar one are female...)

Ultimately I don't like that idea any better, though. The idea that my PCs are the sole moral guide to their companions really just rubs me up the wrong way. Why is it that I'm the ultimate arbiter of their moralities? Aren't they people unto themselves? Don't they have a will of their own?

I have never liked it. I hated it in NWN, I hated it in KotOR. Even if it hadn't just been Aribeth and Bastilla it had happened for (say it was Galen and/or Carth), I still would have hated it.
Personally I love being able to change my companions based on my actions. I never viewed it as being the end all influence of their morality (even if, mechanically, that is whats happening), but that the main character is so influential and important to the companion characters that they have some sway over them. I mean, say you are extremely angry at someone (they murdered your parents or something) and you are about to kill them when one of your closest friends shows up and they say 'Hold on, remember your values. This person isn't really worth it. Don't become like him/her' you might decide to just let them go, but if that same person shows up and says 'This person is trash and they deserve to die. You should kill them before they can ruin someone else's life' then that might push you over the edge.
This is especially true in KotOR 2 because the exile's ability to feel the force from other people and manipulate it was kind of her thing and more or less the entire reason for that game.
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