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Nonsense. Spoken like a truly ignorant PVPer who only takes part in one aspect of the game. My opinion on the other hand comes from a decade of MMO experience in both PVP and PVE (SWTOR since beta, rank 14 and gladiator in WoW, WAR, AoC, etc.). If you actually READ my entire post you'd see that I acknowledge the fact that Mercs need a buff in their ABILITY to DPS in PVP, not the DPS itself.
Now you are simply word smithing in an attempt to defend ignorant statements you made which are untenable. If you had read my post, you'd have understood that even in low pressure situations, merc dps is far behind that of other dps subclasses. Your position that "raw' damage output across classes must be the same basically equates to claiming that the devs must anchor class balance first and foremost to damage output vs. training dummies - a prerequisite that DOOMS any functional attempt to achieve class balance. For if that is what damage equivalency is based upon, you would need to make all classes equally affected by interrupts, pushbacks, stuns and cc's in order to maintain that level of equivalence in wz and ops. And uniform equivalence is BORING. Why even have different classes at that stage?

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Bottom line is, you cannot just buff raw damage, improving mobility, defenses and ability to do unhindered damage is what's needed.
Sure you can. Just improve the bonuses on 4 piece pvp gear. Done.

Look, you can also attempt to fix merc dps by improving damage output while under pressure. But you don't seem to understand just how invulnerable to stun/pushback/cc/interrupt Merc dps must be made in order to get their real world dps on par with other subclasses. That stuff would literally need to bounce off the Merc 100% of the time in order to make up the 50% damage gap that current exists. Even then it probably wouldn't bridge the gap. And making those sorts of changes just wrecks the sub-50 game where Merc dps is already OP because it is too easy to pilot.

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Your talk of "flimsiness" of the Merc class is irrelevant, since even if Merc had 90% dmg reduction at all times, it would do nothing to improve their DPS when they have constant interrupts on them.
It isn't irrelevant unless you want all classes to be identical. Which does seem to be where you are pointing. My position is quite the opposite. IF Merc had massive damage reduction capabilities then the class could be viable even if it had subpar damage output. Or you could have Merc dps do more damage than other dps, but flimsier. But you MUST have a relative advantage vs. other dps classes. Right now that does not exist.

The alternative design philosophy which you seem to hold is to make everything the same. Same "raw" (training dummy) damage output. Same resistance to countermeasures in order to generate the same real world dps. It's boring. Nor in fact would it even work. Training dummy dps and even pve boss fight dps is biased towards single target dps. Forcing damage equivalence in this environments will always leave the AoE dps classes OP for both pve and pvp.