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There are some unfortunate implications that I don't think people have really thought through.

(Hint: has to do with only female Sith force users being able to have their alignments changed due to the influence of their PCs.)
There are negative counter-implications, too. While you're clearly (and perhaps correctly) implying that the writer team feels that women are more, shall we say, malleable than men (and thus the female NPCs can be bent to the wills of the player and the males can't) there's another side of the coin that, equally, I think hasn't been considered.

The Force 'alignment' function is, to me, a sign that the writers wanted to put something complex, interesting and dynamic (one might even say 'intimate') into the companions' stories. Why can't male companions have something like that? Providing that functionality to both male and female companions would address both inconsistencies.

I enjoyed the decision-making process that led to my Jaesa's inclinations. That was fun to play through - really fun. I would've loved to have seen that process (perhaps stretched out a bit more over an entire chapter, so you can slowly redeem or corrupt a companion over a stretch of time) for all Force-using companions.
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