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01.14.2013 , 02:21 AM | #19
I have a couple of lvl 50's on this server, and my characters on my other server seem to be getting ignored for Operations. So I am thinking about moving back to this server full time instead of the part time like I have been.
My Merc is currently Heal Speced, because I like healing, and my Juggie is currently Smash Speced, because I hate tanking.. Both are in Tionese gear My Merc b/c I was mostly PVPing on her, and my Juggie b/c I just hit lvl 50 on him.

If I like the guild then when server transfers open up I will be bringing my Sorc and my Pubs over as well. My Sorc is my best gear character, in Campaign/Rakata gear. I also have a Sin, and a Sniper who I am leveling up slowly. I can sign up on the website with my enjin account.
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