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I haven't played with Jasea yet, and when I had Ashara I was light side so turning her dark side wasn't an issue, but I agree with the option to turn either one light or dark during your romance, as long as my female character has the same opportunity. Options like that are cool, its always fun to have the option to turn characters light or dark side, I wouldn't mind if they expanded those light/dark options to include more romances if those are the only ones, again so long as female characters get that same option. We female characters should have the exact same opportunities the male characters have, we do in every other aspect of the game and there's no reason why romances should be any different. Equal treatment, its not a hard concept, its the point of this thread and its what the vast majority of players want, hopefully it'll become reality sooner rather than later.
I've played through Jaesa's story, and the LS/DS thing was good. But leave it at her. There's no need for Ashara too, honestly.

Especially since it would then be that both female Sith Force Using Companions having a changeable alignment.

There are some unfortunate implications that I don't think people have really thought through.

(Hint: has to do with only female Sith force users being able to have their alignments changed due to the influence of their PCs.)
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