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Just a reminder:

For me, a robot is just a machine. If it acts on its own randomness it is just bec. you programmed it to be. Even the most complicated AI is a hand made tool with a purpose of serving mankind. If it doesn't serve to mankind it means that is only malfunctioning.
eh I could make the same argument about say clones or slaves (if they were bred to be slaves as apposed to being free beings who were captured) because they were "made" with the purpose to serve and everything they know is what they were taught to fulfill that service

all it comes down to is a cultures opinion of how "sapient" something/one has to be to count or if they can count at all

I don't know why you brought up the 3 laws of robotics as those are just a set of laws programmed into all robots in a specific IP which apparently don't have a common place equivalent in SW...

also just food for thought but droids can become sapient enough in SW to rebel just as a slave would.... there have been numerous Droid uprisings and revolts as well as numerous "Droid rights" protests and groups that were comprised of not only droids but organics also

you know Naboo considered higher level AI droids as equal to organic sapients right?
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