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I can understand why people might not like the consular story. It's slower and real "behind the scenes", whereas many people really like to play the hero or at least make a larger impact on the story.

I have heard that the biggest reason people dislike this story is that if you deviate from the "Consular" archetype very much you'll notice the spots where the story fails to match up with other class stories. I'm playing my consular light side, but it's my understanding dark side consulars have a problem with their dark side choices simply not impacting their story in any reasonable way. In other words, they are arbitrarily behaving like douchebags and nobody seems to notice or care. It shows a lack of polish and attention to detail.

LS/DS choices really don't seem to impact any story in any meaningful way, but my BH and Warrior both got many, many comments on their general behavior/alignment throughout the story, people actually NOTICED if you were a ruthless killing machine or had a soft spot. Even my dark side warrior was called a "walking contradiction" by a jedi master because of the way I had handled something two planets ago. If this sort of consequence of choice is missing from the consular story it'll be pretty conspicuous in its absence and probably sorely missed by anybody who played the other stories first.

I've played the bounty hunter and sith warrior to completion and loved both stories. I've just started Alderaan with my Consular and I love this story so far. It's a little repetitive, but people seem to forget that most class stories are during act 1.

I had hoped I'd get to play the diplomat a little more, but it really doesn't seem like that's the case so far. I'd also have liked to see the shielding take a more obvious toll on the character as time goes on.

However overall I really like being the behind the scenes person, kind of feels like the unsung hero.