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01.14.2013 , 01:26 AM | #6
If you ask me there is already too much burst in this game without adding more.
The problem with sorc the way I see it is something we share with mercs. We have good damage potential but lack the opportunity to apply this damage as soon as we have a melee on us. The dps just drops like a cannonball in water as soon as we start to kite, and we absolutely need to kite, even if we have a healer.

For Lightning tree I would rather see something like this:

New talent parallel to Polarity shift
"Thunder and Lightning
For 10 seconds your Lightning Strike becomes instant cast and do 30% more damage but also cost 30% more force and range is limited to 10 meters. In addition, your Lightning Strike has a 30% chance to proc an instant cast Thundering Blast"

Now that would be a great help while kiting. Force Slow and start strafing while still being able to do good damage to the attacker (with the potential for really great damage)

Melee would start kiting us while this was active ;p
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