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01.14.2013 , 01:11 AM | #5225
Thank you to those who replied to my previous post.

On another note... I am wondering about those who are excited about the new SGR flirts, in the upcoming expansion or whatever, if they see the move as good thing or a bad thing? It sort of feels like, to me, that Bioware (and affiliates) are simply giving us a tiny bone to chew to keep our mouths busy. It doesn't seem fair. Or do you think it's an opening to more equal availability of SGR's in the future? Do you think it's best to put money into something that you hope gets better or to withhold that money as a warning to the company (that we want full SGR's or nothing)? What gets the message across better? Obviously, if you enjoy the game no matter what... the question is less important.

On a side note... I am wondering if I choose to cancel my subscription, do I lose everything (characters, gear, credits, etc.)? Or would they just continue on when/if I resubscribe in the future?