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01.14.2013 , 12:54 AM | #4
Actually I think the Sith is a better representation of the American Government lol, in a caricature kinda way.

Anyway - I think the only reason they have that accent is because they are an empire. When people think of an empire they naturally think of the British Empire, and that ''noble'' sounding voice, along with the Hierarchy, just gets that point across better than anything else would. Not that the corrupt, rotting power structure is representative of GB.

Although in some ways the Republic might represent some American ideals - I kinda don't see us as that goody-goody. At least not since the Victorian era, and definitely not since the 60's & 70's lol.

In any event, there's massive skeletons in both closets here - I wouldn't bother to be affronted by a characterization, however accurate it was, made in a video game for a background based simply on an accent and borrowed titles. Unless you happen to agree with it of course - but then that's a whole other issue altogether.