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OK a year on from the last poster....
Colicoid War games can be done with just 2 people providing 1 is a Jugg.. (for the intercede and force leap abilities)
Ive just done it with one of my guildies (me a Merc him a Jugg) it did involve me having to eventually voluntarily kill myself to respawn the other side of a gate to deactivate the other gates, but only for teh first part.. teh 2nd part he just leaped down to deactivate teh main gates (been after the chest piece for my Merc for a while)

So.. yeah.. not possible solo but is possible as a duo
You can do it with 2 Marauders as well. Did it over the weekend, you just need to know who to leap to, and one of them will need to die once to get past the puzzle. You can skip the turrets part with a Jugg/Guardian, but there is debate about whether that is an exploit. Personally I wouldn't.