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Annihilation still has the best sustained DPS of any Marauder spec. It does not need a buff.

There are two factors contributing to its lack of use currently:
1) PVE design has moved into a paradigm where significant downtime is baked into many boss fights. Downtime punishes Annihilation in comparison to Carnage (high ramp-up if Annihilator stacks fall off). The on-demand nature of Carnage DPS makes it better suited to current design.

2) Current PVP design favors burst over everything else. Likewise, no matter how much it may be the case that Annihilation bleeds force a healer to waste 1/4 of their GCDs on cleansing, it doesn't burst people dead, or make for huge scoreboard numbers.

The self-heal nerf was remarkably stupid, because the only rationale for Anni was survivability. Now it's not sturdy enough to justify the long ramp-up or lack of killer burst, no matter HOW good the sustained DPS actually is.
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