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The Jedi aren't necessarily devoid of emotion, but just try to keep them in check so that you don't abuse your power and only serve the force instead of yourself. The Sith teach the complete opposite; to embrace only yourself and put your own goals ahead of everything else. Jedi are preservers of peace that don't seek out battle and the Sith are warmongers that live only to pursue power.

The only time utilizing anything close to the dark side would be, in my opinion, in a case similar to Mace Windu's. He found that he had a strong desire for battle, so he focused his darker emotions into his own unique style to keep those urges at bay.

And while I like Revan as a character, he wasn't the best Jedi. He was more of a "do what has to be done no matter the cost" sort of person, which is not the attitude of a proper Jedi when it comes to other living beings. He was more of an anti-hero who sought to preserve the Jedi and the Republic by any means necessary.

Yes, I think that a Jedi that fell to the dark side would be more powerful at the time, but they would also never reach that point of enlightenment and ability they would have had if they remained Jedi in the long run. And a "serene" Sith usually still utilizes base emotions, but control them instead of the other way around which gives them the appearance of serenity.

The two are simply not interchangeable, and someone who tries to utilize teachings from both are doomed to fall to one side of the fence or the other.
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