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01.13.2013 , 10:43 PM | #684
Yeah, I'm not having any dips, or drops in FPS. It stays really steady. I only see fps changes in areas where there are more players. I'm not getting any game performance changes when, or close to the crashes. There's never any indication that it's about to crash. As I've said before, I crash when I'm standing still not doing anything. I crash when I'm crafting. I crash when I'm running up a road. I crash on a speeder. I crash in story zones. I crash out of story zones. It's nothing I'm doing, it's just crashing. Location doesn't matter.

The odd 15 minute interval seems a bit strange. But I'm not joking. It's like clockwork. That's the only real clue I have to go on.

The fps increase was only while on a taxi. It didn't change anything else.
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