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01.13.2013 , 10:29 PM | #681
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Well, sadly enough, the RAM voltage hasn't made a significant difference in my crashing. It's still happening, and once it starts, it just gets more and more frequent. When I crash the first time, it'll crash consistently EVERY 15 Minutes!

Well, I'm back to square one with this again. Got my hopes up briefly. Shame on me.

I hope that this gets fixed soon. If not, then I too will be dropping the game. I have no intention of going to play other MMOs. If this game doesn't want to work, I'll be going back to console gaming. At least my PS3 doesn't have any issues.
This sounds more like heat related, especially if once it starts it gets more frequent, I'm sure you have thought of this before and checked but it is a classic sign of heat issues especially the more frequent part.
Swtor does heat up my computer more then any other game I currently run maybe one of the capacitors is starting to fail on the board, who knows and this may only be an issue under heavy load.

10-15 minutes is about the time needed to raise temps significantly once the game starts on my machine.

Classic sign of heat related crashes, machine is turned on from cold then works for say an hour then crash then any subsequent crashes will occur quicker as your not coming from a cold start anymore.

Just my thoughts