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01.13.2013 , 10:21 PM | #1
Okay, so i want other Sin Tank even healers/ and other tanks response's about this question.

After me and my GM talked about the spiky-ness of a Sin Tank. The other healer and tank are saying we are to 'squishy' and 'not a real tank' even though we have more mitigation then the other tank classes. Every Sin Tank i have talked to is Spiky, and will take more Damage then a PT or Jug. But i want to hear from other people how they coupe with the spiky-ness and have other tanks dish them out, cause we aren't 'smooth damage' or wearing heavy armor. Out of the 3 tank classes for (empire of course) i love tanking on my Sin, seems more fun.

But any comments, just anything about this topic will be appreciated!