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I've only been in a few FP groups so far, and it probably doesn't matter much at low levels, but what's up with groups scattering in a room each taking different mobs?! What ever happened to helping the tank! As a healer it will drive you crazy. Especially when people are on opposite sides of the room and get out of range of heals (why didn't you heal me?!).

Work as a unit people! Stand united! Your healers will thank you!
Agreed. I've been tanking as a Powertech, only at level 28 currently. Most of my groups simply do whatever they want until they die, and then they chill and stick together, let tank get aggro, etc.

I think a few more user-friendly UI additions by Bioware may help out. Most people are probably too used to DBM, Omen, etc. to help them choose targets.
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