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Alright, Merkave, I'm officially impressed. As in...really impressed. I gotta ask, was that 1mill game on your Jugg Soresu the whole match? Or did you just switch to Soresu toward the end? And if you don't mind sharing with a guardian, what spec were you running that match?

I'm so busy keeping (read as: trying to keep) all you imps who know how to focus healers off of my healers I can't really imagine pulling 1mill damage if I were in my typical 18/23 Soresu build. Well done.
Thanks man. As Evuo said, I ran soresu throughout the entire game, and to be honest I expected to get higher protection and less damage. I was running a full rage spec, but with a little tweaks to separate itself from the so called cookie-cutter specs. Still 3/7/31 though. Just ran soresu and switched guards to whoever was focused and it ultimately worked well. I think the protection would've been higher if I wasn't switching between south and east so often (was a back and forth game) and lapsed my guard at points.