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01.13.2013 , 09:49 PM | #679
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It sucks but i think i'm going to have to drop the game completely. It's too frustrating to come home from work only to deal with crashes and bugs on a game i pay for and to never have them fixed. I deal with frustrating situations at work, i dont want to deal with it on a video game where i'm trying to escape and relax.
Games like WoW or GW2 may not be as fun as SWTOR but at least they are stable and random crashes dont hinder my interest. I wont even go F2P with this game because it is not worth it. I just dont understand why Bioware cant get it together. Maybe 0 subs would kick their azzez?
Hate to say it before you goto Wow or GW2 have a look in their forums , they have similar issues by different people ie. game crashes, disconnects etc etc
but if one game works for you and not another for whatever the reason is , then sometimes there is no other answer.