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Thanks for the help.

That got me up to 1300 easy. I can see it will take a lot of concentration and practice to go over that.

What about BIS relics? I have the latest power (active) and healing (passive) one. The healing one goes off every 20 seconds because of "Force In Balance" I guess and heals for a small amount 550ish.

Should I expect a sustained output or do you see force being depleted after a while (5 mins or so)?

Thanks again!
Relics will make a difference. Best in slot at the moment is one of the Dread Guard proc relics (the elemental one I think) along with the Dread Guard clicky power one. assuming you use it on cooldown. You can also use the passive Elite War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages, although it is not quite as good as the clicky power Dread Guard one.

As for the rotation, it does take some practice just to get the feel right. I generally start off with Sever Force and Weaken Mind, then a TK throw to get my Wrath proc up. Then I use Force in Balance, Mind Crush w/Wrath proc back to back. The reason is that they are on the same 15 second cooldown. So if you use them back to back, it is always easy to track when they are coming off cooldown. You can also use that 15 seconds to give you a feel for when your dots are coming off cooldown. Sever Force is 19 seconds and Weaken Mind is 21 seconds.

When you get used to the rotation, you will get really good at applying everything on cooldown and getting maximum uptime on your dots. If you are biochem, a Rakata power adrenal is also a really nice DPS boost. The cooldown on the adrenal is twice the cooldown on Force Potency. So if you pop them together the first time and use them on cooldown, the adrenal will be back up for every other Force Potency.