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I can guarantee you that the majority of gold selling spammers seen in game over the past 5-7 days were compromised accounts (aka stolen, hijacked, phished, etc), where the gold farmers already had access to those people's e-mail addresses from long ago. People don't change passwords very often, unfortunately, and the gold farmers just lay dormant, waiting for someone to join a new game and thereby hijack their account via their e-mail address.

(Yep, happened to me, 'tis how I know this is what they do...and why I'll never, ever make those mistakes again. Trojan from a gif got my hotmail password keylogged, two years later I started playing rift. Came home from work one day to find e-mails in my trash folder, in chinese. Used google translate to see what it said. "Your e-mail address has been successfully changed to etc, Your password has been successfully changed to etc. If it wasn't for the authenticator, they would have had my account entirely.)
That's why i only wrote the name and no address of me or my friend in my post. What the others do is their own business. Some are using spam accounts for such a purpose.