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Just a random thing I wanted to throw in.... spoiler alert for those that haven't played a male Smuggler yet.

It makes me happy (I guess in an "I take what I can get" kind of way ) that Corso will take my Smuggler's courting gifts. Not only that, but he reacts quite favorably to them.

Just finished his companion quest and he refers to my guy as "my captain" more than once... and it makes me go .
Even his cousin Rona whom we were supposed to save said to him afterwards "Go with your captain. Maybe both of you will be able to do what I never could." or something along the lines.

Thinking about it, since Corso is the only guy in the Smuggler's team (well, Bowdaar aside), is it unreasonable of me to hope he'll be available for SGR?

Quite certainly, both harmonize quite well with the other. Wow, I wish, I wish....

// end mushy little fangirl rant

see, I've been saying that the entiiiire time that he doesn't seem to be 'all that straight', he is just the typical 'gentleman-farmboy' with a female smuggler and all 'bro bro' with the male one. and there are more than enough 'minor hints'. I feel with you, no doubt. it's making me all grrr and arrr that it's just not going to happen any time soon (outside my head, anyway)