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01.13.2013 , 08:07 PM | #69
I'm not gimping myself. I've lost 10 times in ranked, and none were due to dps issues. We always had more dps than every team we faced. One loss came in a civil war where a new person we were trying out got ninja capped on. Another loss came in a novare where we were too obsessed with dps and lost the clicking battle. The rest came in huttball since it took us awhile to find a great strat against the other good teams since we didn't run with a jugg. Admittedly, if I had been a smash jugg then we wouldn't have had as many huttball problems...but being some other FOTM wouldn't have prevented my other losses. Even though, most smash juggs/maras don't know how to play huttball like their class was designed for.

And of course good players run with other good players, what kind of point are you trying to make? An 800k pt couldn't carry a team of *******. 3 amazing pts couldn't carry 5 average players either. I like my sorc, and I perform well above average even if I could perform more easily as some fotm. Besides, fotm change so much and only baddies who rely on those crutches reroll that often.

I love players who try to compare mmo skill to starcraft or some fps. LOL I POINT AND CLICK AND CAN SHEWT YOU LOLZ. MMO skill comes from understanding all the classes and being able to think a few moves ahead in any situation, not to mention having high awareness of multiple things going on around you. Is it impossibly hard? No, but there are only a handful of great players per class per obviously it's too hard for most. I will just assume you're an average to above average player.

To add to what depreva said...playing a non-fotm is more challenging and more rewarding when you can succeed where the majority can't. Buffs and nerfs happen all the time so it's better to play a class or spec you truly enjoy and learn to maximize it whenever stuff changes. It all just comes down to e-cred but that's the only thing you can get out of an mmo anyway.