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Somewhere in another thread (which I can't seem to find), someone had said that if you take Quinn with you to all the class quests on Corellia, you actually get something out of him that sounds close to an apology. When I got to that point in my story I waited and waited...finished Corellia and it never came. I just finished watching a video of the sith warrior story and lo and behold, there it was in this person's video.

Why was it not in mine? I did notice that there were other spots in the story (on the ship for example) where this person had companions pipe up with comments that I know I never saw. I recall a different companion talking during that scene. I know this also happens in the agent storyline as well after a certain scene on your ship. (One version I saw had Kaliyo commenting, whereas mine had Vector.)

During the Corellia scene in question, Vowrawn compliments Quinn on his work in handling the assassination attempt. I think in my version he complimented Pierce, not Quinn. I'm thinking that this scene now has to do with your level of affection and not which companion you had with you. I believe that at the time of this scene, I had more affection with Pierce than with Quinn. (Pierce was my highest affection companion out of all of them for a while.)

I wish I could find the original thread for this because in it people were trying to figure out how to get that apology to trigger. So, for those of you looking for it, taking Quinn with you on your Corellia class quests doesn't seem to matter. It's a bummer, because that line can go a long way in helping soothe some of the bad feelings that happened, especially if you are romancing Quinn and hope to salvage the relationship somehow.