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I know this post is kinda old but it brings up some good points. Note that I mainly come from RPing in EQ2 but we have the same problems.

1. This is a problem on a personal level. This has to do with the person playing the Sith character and not the alien. Meaning you can't control what other people do. Besides, they are not worth RPing with (the Sith) if their OOC person cannot separate the line between IC/OOC. It might be something in their stories, but I suggest anyone to find other venues to RP. If a person ignores you, it's their loss on a great RP experience.

3. Please see my comment in #1. But those people are also ones that enjoy god modding - in theat what they see their character doing everyone should do. And not only is that wrong, that is just rude. You are in a game with different pele and backgrounds. Embrace that. There are some interesting stories.

For those reading this, if you even try to say OOC to kill off my character, I will flat out ignore you. You can whine and scream all you want, you are just an attention w---- and you know it. You aren't making the game any more fun, you are making it worse.

4. It's kinda sad reading this, as I have come across level 90s in EQ2 who still RP like a young soldier since level does not come into the RP equation for many. Another form I would gladly ignore.

I think that's what makes it hard for some people, and to me, I think many new RPers or those to MMOs think "I'm Imperial so I have to act evil etc" which is not true. You can just be Lawful Evil and spend time working the strings of politicians, and gain more respect than a whacko Sith lopping heads off people.

Communication is important in any RP situation. If one cannot separate IC/OOC or refuses to listen and stomps their foot for "my RP or no RP" then move on. It isn't worth the hassle or heartburn.
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