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why are you even arguing about how PvE metrics affect PvP performance?

bottom line is that they have no affect on PvP performace. PvP is 100% dynamic, PvE is 100% static. PvE is great for representing a DPS class's ability to do damage completely unimpeded. but in PvP, that is almost never the case.
if you cannot make the connection to how the class plays in similar situations, in both PvE and PvP environments, and how the ability to instant cast, be interrupted, etc. effects DPS, (everything i have stated) then you're being ignorant.

the connection can easily be made. or you can choose to remain closed-minded.

i'm trying to make a solid comparison of the 2 classes, in all enviornments, and how PT/VG outperforms them and why.

or, i can make up my Marc wishlist and hope all of these great ideas will get the time and effort spent to be put in the game and finally fix the class.

but, i understand i don't live in fantasy land.
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