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There are no good players in this game, the skill cap is so damn low that if you have ever been competitive in any serious game (Street Fighter, Starcraft, Halo, etc.) you will reach the skill cap within a week or so of playing. The difference is always going to be gear and team makeup. The vast majority of people that say they are "good" players generally travel in groups with full optimized gear and voice chat with most of their success coming against PUGs. There is no ladder or tournament system in place, and likely there never will be.

There is generally a lot of attrition in MMOs because people begin to realize how shallow the gameplay is, and move on. I can't believe STS is still around, I'd expect they'd move on like everyone else always does. That is why the names of groups are always changing and most people have no idea who these other people are, they rarely play each other and new groups pop up every few months while old groups die.

If you have done any analysis of competitive gameplay you can already tell on paper what is going to be stronger especially in MMO PVP. Sorc/Sage is one of the weaker classes and it's been a pretty long time now.

What I find funny is when you see Sorc/Sage complaint threads someone always comes in and insists they own with it. Meanwhile in the Mara/Sent threads people come in insisting those classes are so easy to shut down and they say how they always lose. Biofail probably sees that and thinks "oh, these Sorc/Sage are clearly overpowered since they dominate so much, clearly we must buff SK/JW to compete!" and then that's all they ever do.

It's kind of lame but you really can't use Sorc/Sage for DPS or Merc/Commando either. Unless you're getting carried by a strong group that is, in which case you can stand back and free cast and such. Still it's nowhere near ideal, as even the guy in this thread who was trying to brag admits he'd do more damage as PT. Why intentionally gimp yourself?